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the noun form of freedom refers to the condition of being free of restrictions, obligations, or control. It can also be used to refer to the power, right, or ability to act, speak, or think without interference from outside forces.

rules associated with using it as a noun include adding an article ('the' or 'a') before it when referring to it as an abstract idea, but not when used to refer to a specific freedom, like, for example, freedom of speech.

1. 'She wanted to experience the freedom of living alone.'

2. 'The freedom they experienced in their new home was unlike anything they'd ever known before.'

3. 'The students enjoyed the freedom of no homework over winter break.'

nuances to keep in mind when using freedom as a noun usually refer to the legal implications of the term, such as the fact that people cannot have absolute freedom, as laws and regulations must often be followed.

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