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the noun form of 'friends' describes a relationship between two or more people — typically used to refer to people who are particularly close and have mutual trust and understanding. Friends are people who can rely on and confide in one another.

1. I have a lot of friends who I go to for advice.

2. John and Mary have been friends since they were kids.

3. We hung out with some new friends last night.


in the verb form, 'friends' is typically used as the past tense of the verb 'to friend,' meaning to add someone to one's list of friends on social media. This usage is used in informal contexts and is most commonly associated with platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

1. I friended him on Twitter yesterday.

2. I just friended my cousin on Instagram.

3. They friended each other on Facebook and agreed to meet up later.

remember to use the past tense when referencing the verb 'to friend' (e.g. 'I friended him/them') as opposed to the present tense ('I friend him/them'). This is a common mistake.

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