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as a noun, 'front' primarily refers to the forward-facing part of something or a position directly ahead.

The front of the house is painted blue.

He always puts on a brave front, even when he's scared.

The soldiers were sent to the front during the war.

'front' can have various meanings depending on context, from physical locations to metaphorical uses (e.g., 'putting on a front').


as an adjective, 'front' describes something that is located at the forward-facing part or is most important.

The front door was locked.

We sat in the front row at the theater.

He is the front runner in the race.

when used as an adjective, 'front' often comes before nouns to specify location or importance.


as a verb, 'front' means to face towards something or to be the leader or main representative of a group.

The building fronts the main street.

She fronts a popular rock band.

The organization was fronted by a charismatic leader.

'front' as a verb can be used in both active and passive voices. For example, 'The house fronts the lake' (active) and 'The band is fronted by a talented singer' (passive).

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