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generally is an adverb usually used to introduce a statement that capture an assumption, idea, or opinion about multiple instances. The adverb 'generally' expresses that something holds true in the vast majority of cases or that it is true in most circumstances, but may have exceptions. It is a word of broad scope that is used to describe a commonly accepted truth.

generally is usually used to introduce a sentence or clause that reflects something that is widely held to be true. It is often used to describe something that is likely true for most people, even if there are exceptions.

1. Generally, people are friendly and helpful.

2. The sky is generally blue, but clouds can change its color.

3. Generally speaking, people learn by doing.

generally should not be used in cases where the statement does not hold true for most circumstances or people. Furthermore, it shouldn't be used to make a statement that is definitive or overly forceful; while it expresses a commonly accepted truth, it doesn't specify absolute certainty.

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