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as a verb, 'give' is used to describe an action whereby someone bestows something upon another. In this capacity, it is often used in the form of the present tense, such as 'give (someone or something) to (someone or something else). The verb form of 'give' can also be used to express the idea of allowing something that was previously forbidden.' Notably, the verb does not require a recipient to be present or even any specific object to be exchanged, as one can 'give a hug' or 'give a grin.'

I gave up on my dreams of becoming an astronaut.

She gave me a hug when I told her the news.

We gave permission for our daughter to go to the movie theater with her friends.

The coach gave the team a pep talk before the game.

They gave away the grand prize at the raffle.

Avoid using 'give' to talk about physical appearances, such as 'He gave me a tall glance.' It’s better to use words like 'show' or 'give off' to express these meanings. Don’t use the verb 'give' in the past tense to mean 'give away' without providing further context. For example, the phrase 'I gave my book' could mean that you performed the act of giving it away, or that you merely handed it to someone – try using words like 'donate' or 'distribute' to avoid confusion.

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