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the word 'gone' is a verb that is a participle form of the verb 'go.' It is used to describe an action that has been completed. It is usually used in the past tense to convey a sense of finality.

'gone' is most commonly used as an auxiliary verb that is followed by either the past participle or an infinitive verb. Examples of this usage include phrases such as 'would have gone,' 'have gone,' and 'had gone.' 'Gone' can also be used as the main verb to describe an action of movement or departure that already occurred and is no longer presence.

1. He had gone to the store before we arrived.

2. She would have gone to the party if she had more time.

3. The car had gone by the time the police arrived.

it is important to remember that 'gone' is usually used to convey a sense of finality.

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