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goodbye is a noun referring to a farewell expression, either said or done. It is often used when offering one’s farewell to another person or group of people.

goodbye can often denote both the expressions and emotions associated with parting. It can be used to elaborate on the feelings the speaker or those around them experience when parting ways in various forms. Goodbye can be used in a variety of contexts and settings. It can be a casual goodbye used among friends, a more formal goodbye used in a business setting, or a heartfelt goodbye said in an emotional parting. Additionally, goodbye can be used in written contexts, such as letters or emails.

1.We exchanged a respectful goodbye before she left for the airport.

2.My little brother had a harder time saying goodbye than I did.

3.I'm not quite ready for this goodbye.

one common way to say goodbye in many cultures is with a hug. Additionally, in English, goodbye is often followed by a pronoun, such as 'Goodbye, everyone!' or 'Goodbye, Sarah.' In some contexts, the verb 'say' can be added in front of goodbye, such as 'Let's say goodbye now' to make the sentiment more concise and direct.


the word 'gosh' is an interjection or exclamation used to express surprise, shock, or dismay. It is considered an informal word and is usually used more in conversation than in written form. As a noun, 'gosh' refers to God or a god, often in disbelief or acknowledgment of a higher power. Providing an example from a spiritual or faith-based context, one could use 'gosh' as an exclamation of wonderment in the presence of something seemingly miraculous. Similarly, it could also indicate a sense of reverence and humility, as in, 'Gosh, I can never do enough to show my gratitude for this blessing.'

1. Gosh! What happened with my car?!

2. Oh my gosh! I've lost the keys!

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