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a government is a noun that means a system of political administration and an organized system of governance of a political entity, such as a nation or state, which puts into effect laws and implements policies to govern its citizens. It is the decision-making authority of a political entity and is typically composed of a variety of individuals or groups such as political parties, legislators, bureaucrats, advisors, and state officials empowered to execute laws, regulations, and policies for that political entity. In its broadest sense, the government is the assembly of public servants responsible for governing the country.

a government is always a concrete noun and is usually preceded by a determiner and a descriptor (e.g., ‘the US government’, ‘the foreign government’). Government can also be used to describe the governance of a particular place (e.g., ‘city government’, ‘federal government’, ‘state government’). It can also be used to refer to a governmental system or to refer to those in political power (e.g., ‘democratic government’).

1. The government has announced new economic policies that will encourage economic growth.

2. The president has appointed several new cabinet members to help in the government.

3. The local government is making efforts to reduce the crime rate in the city.

when referring to a particular government, always use the definite article (e.g., ‘the government’) as opposed to the indefinite article (e.g., ‘a government’). Additionally, when referring to a particular government, the noun can take an adjective (e.g., ‘republican government’, ‘democratic government’).

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