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gratitude is the strong feeling of appreciation or thankfulness for something given, received, done, or experienced. Specifically, when used as a noun, the word 'gratitude' implies a favorable sentiment of thankfulness for an action or service, and it is often directed towards another person.

gratitude should only be used when there is a positive sentiment, usually after someone has done something for you. It is related to, but different from, other forms of thankfulness.

1. I expressed my gratitude towards my mother for buying me the birthday present.

2. She always hates it when people forget to show her gratitude.

3. The kids were filled with gratitude after their parents took them on a surprise vacation.

to ensure accuracy, use the word 'gratitude' versus other forms of thankfulness such as 'thanks' or 'appreciation' since they can carry a different connotation. Additionally, it is important to note the distinctions between gratitude and other positive emotions. While 'gratitude' often applies to the appreciation of an action done for you, other emotions can encompass more moods.

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