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a noun is a part of speech that refers to a person, place, thing, quality, or idea. It is typically the subject or object of a sentence. A group is a noun that is used to describe a collection of individuals or objects that are gathered together for a common purpose.

when referring to a group, it must have more than one object or person in it and they must be distinct individuals or objects in order to fit the definition of a 'group'.

1. The group of students gathered around the teacher for their lesson.

2. They decided against joining the group because they didn't like the other members.

3. That group of birds is beginning to migrate for the winter.

When writing sentences that include a group, make sure it has more than one entity that it applies to. Additionally, avoid using the word 'group' as a synonym for 'team,' as they refer to different concepts. Common mistakes include the singular use of the word when describing a single person or object.


to 'group' means to gather or arrange people or things into categories based on shared characteristics or criteria. It implies organizing or classifying multiple entities into collective units.

The teacher decided to group the students by their skill levels for the project.

In the museum, artifacts were grouped according to the era they came from.

The software allows you to group your contacts into different categories.

When using 'group' as a verb, it's helpful to provide context or criteria for the grouping, especially if it's not immediately clear from the situation. 'Grouping' doesn't always imply a physical gathering of items or people. It can also refer to a conceptual or virtual organization, such as grouping data in a spreadsheet.

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