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the noun form of 'hand' is a word used to refer to the extremity at the end of the human arm, composed of the palm, four fingers and a thumb. It can also refer to a similar extremity on other animals. In a figurative sense, a hand can refer to manual labor or work done with one's hands.

when used in a literal sense, the noun 'hand' can be used to refer to the limb on humans and other animals. When used in a figurative sense, it can be used to convey the effort required for a particular activity, as in the phrase 'it takes two hands to clap.'

1. The surgeon held the scalpel steadily in his hand.

2. The mother tenderly held her newborn baby in her hands.

3. With a great deal of hard work and dedication, Tim finally succeeded in achieving his goal with his own two hands.


the verb form of 'hand' is a word used to describe an action, typically involving the transfer or exchange of an object from one individual to another. A hand can either be given, passed, or even taken.

when used as a verb, 'hand' is an action word used to express the transfer or exchange of an object from one party to another.

1. The manager handed the employee his hard-earned paycheck.

2. The kindergarten teacher handed out pencils to all of her students.

3. The thief tried to hand over the jewels to the police officer.

the most common mistake is confusing the verb form with the noun form. For instance, saying 'I handed the store' instead of 'I went to the store.'

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