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the verb 'has' is a form of the verb 'have'. This means that it is used in a sentence that discusses an event, quality, or experience that began in the past and is still happening in the present.

the verb 'has' can only be used in the third-person singular form (e.g. he/she/it has). With this in mind, it is used with singular pronouns and singular nouns that refer to a human being or a living thing. For example

She has a cold. It has been raining for two hours.

1. She has worked at this company for two years.

2. He has gained an impressive three stone since he started going to the gym.

3. The dog has been trying to paw open the gate for ten minutes.

the verb 'have' is the same in most tenses, but 'has' and 'had' have different meanings. Pay attention to the context to make sure you use the correct verb. Additionally, be aware that the verb 'has' does not take the -s ending like other third-person singular verbs. It’s incorrect to say 'She hass a cold'; the correct form is 'She has a cold.'

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