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'hat' can be used as a noun, which is a word used to name a person, place, thing, quality, or action. In this sense, 'hat' can refer to any sort of headwear, such as a baseball cap, cowboy hat, or beanie.

1. I need to bring a hat to the beach so I don't get sunburned.

2. I have an enormous collection of hats at home.

3. The bride and groom both wore fancy hats to the wedding.


as a verb, 'hat' refers to the act of putting a hat on someone or something. It's a less commonly used form of the word, but it's grammatically correct.

'Hat' can be used transitively, meaning it requires a direct object. The past tense of 'hat' is 'hatted,' and the continuous form is 'hatting.'

She hatted herself before stepping out into the sun.

The milliner expertly hatted the actress for her role in the period drama.

Every winter, the charity event involves hatting the homeless with warm beanies.

the verb form of 'hat' is not as commonly used as the noun form. It's more typical to hear someone say, 'She put on a hat' rather than 'She hatted herself.' Be cautious of the context in which you use 'hat' as a verb to ensure clarity, as listeners or readers might initially interpret it as the more common noun form.

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