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as a noun, 'hate' refers to the intense or passionate dislike itself.

used for referring to the emotion or feeling of strong dislike. Can be used to describe general animosity or specific instances of aversion.

There's a lot of hate in the world, but there's also love.

He received a lot of hate online for his controversial opinions.

Her hate for injustice drove her to become an activist.

when used as a noun, 'hate' can sometimes be paired with words like 'speech' or 'crime' to indicate actions or words driven by prejudice or animosity.

It's essential to differentiate between using 'hate' to describe a personal dislike and using it in broader contexts, like 'hate speech.'


as a verb, 'hate' describes the action of feeling intense or passionate dislike for someone or something.

used expressing a strong negative emotion towards a person, thing, or situation. Can be used in various tenses to indicate the timing of the emotion.

I hate doing my laundry on weekends.

She hated the way he always interrupted her.

They will hate to miss the concert.

'hate' is a strong word, so it's essential to use it appropriately to ensure the intended intensity of emotion is conveyed.

Sometimes, 'dislike' can be a milder alternative to 'hate.'

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