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‘healthy’ as an adjective is used to describe something that is beneficial to one’s health, or to describe a person or thing that is in good health and free of illness, disease, or other maladies.

rules and use cases associated with this adjective include its ability to describe anything that is conducive to physical, mental, or emotional well-being.

1. She adopted healthy eating habits.

2. Eating a healthy plant-based diet is recommended for a healthier lifestyle.

3. The gym is full of healthy, active people.

when using this adjective, it is important to note that it can refer to anything that promotes physical, mental, or emotional well-being; it does not necessarily refer to physical health only. Additionally, ‘healthful’ can be used instead of ‘healthy’ in some contexts. It is also important to note that when describing a person or thing, ‘healthy’ does not refer to being free of any individual malady but rather to overall good health.

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