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the word 'here' can be used as a noun to refer to a particular place that is close in proximity.

this is often used to express the exact location of somebody or something and typically follows a preposition such as 'at' or 'in'. Rules associated with using 'here' as a noun include the use of determiners and adjective modifiers.

- We have arrived here at last.

- When we are going from here?

common mistakes associated with using 'here' as a noun include dropping the preposition 'at' while attempting to locate somebody in a certain place and inadvertently making 'here' the subject of a sentence instead of a location.


the word 'here' can also be used as an adverb, typically to refer to the presence of somebody.

It is used to express the presence or existence of a person or thing at a certain location or point in time. Rules associated with using 'here' as an adverb include its use as a sentence opener with no preposition, as well as referring to a specific situation or context.

Here lies the problem.

Here I am, ready to help.

common mistakes associated with using 'here' an adverb include misinterpreting the context or situation in which it is used, using it in cases where a preposition could be used, and using it as a stand-alone word instead of connecting it to a sentence.

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