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adjective 'heroic' describes something or someone who exhibits a courageous, admirable, and selfless nature. When used with this part of speech, the quality of the heroic act usually meets a high standard that incurs great risk and displays great courage in the face of adversity.

when using heroic as an adjective, be sure to use the correct spelling. Often, people will spell it as 'heroric,' which is incorrect.

1. With a heroic rescue, the firefighter entered the burning building to save the family.

2. The nurse's heroic dedication to her patients is an admirable quality.

3. Jack's heroic attempts to protect his siblings during the storm was admirable.

heroic can also be used in a more informal and positive sense to describe an achievement or action. For example, the sentence 'It was very heroic of him to stand up for his beliefs' would be correct. However, do not use it as a synonym for 'bold' as the terms have different connotations.

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