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'herself' is a reflexive pronoun, used to refer back to a female subject of the sentence or clause. It emphasizes the female subject's involvement in the action or indicates that the action is done to the female subject.

used when the subject and the object of the verb are the same female entity. Can be used for emphasis to stress the role of the female subject in the action. Sometimes used in an idiomatic manner to emphasize identity or individuality.

She cut herself while chopping vegetables.

She did the entire project herself without any help.

She is a talented artist in herself.

'herself' should not be used in place of 'her.' For example, 'I gave it to herself' is incorrect; it should be 'I gave it to her.' Avoid unnecessary use of reflexive pronouns. For instance, 'She herself went to the store' can be simplified to 'She went to the store' unless the emphasis on 'herself' is crucial to the meaning. 'Herself' is specifically feminine. For masculine subjects, 'himself' is used. For gender-neutral or unknown gender, 'themselves' (singular) can be used.

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