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the word 'him' is a pronoun that is used to identify a person (e.g., Is he with him?). It can also be used as a third-person singular pronoun when the gender of the pronoun is not specified (e.g., I don’t know who did it, but she saw him).

'Him' is always singular. It can be used to refer to a person or an object. Additionally, it can be used to refer to someone without specifying their gender.

1. John won’t like it if you invite him.

2. Everyone watched him as he walked onto the stage.

3. Did she talk to him this morning?

The word 'him' is always used referring to other specified noun (e.g., 'the man'). Additionally, it should be noted that 'him' is not necessarily used as a substitute for 'he/him/his'; 'him' can refer to persons and objects. Common mistakes include using 'him' to refer to a group of people (e.g., 'They all went to the store, and he came back with him.'); 'him' should only be used to refer to a single person or object.

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