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hope is a noun which can refer to a feeling of trust in a good outcome and/or a desire for something to happen. It can be used in both countable and uncountable ways. When used uncountably, it means general optimism; when used countably, it implies a specific desire or goal.

1. She expressed hope that the project would be successful.

2. He offers hope to those in need.

3. She has no hope of succeeding.


hope is also a verb, meaning to feel or express optimism about something. When we hope, wepostulate that a certain thing will happen, although these desires have not necessarily been assured of coming to fruition.

1. They all hoped for a better future.

2. I hope that this excitement will last.

3. She hopes to study abroad next year.

as a verb, hope is ussually followed by a that-clause, which implies the desired outcome.

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