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As a noun, 'hot' refers to a high temperature or a period of hot weather. It can also refer to an intense situation.

We've had a week of hots this summer.

The police are in a hot because of the recent events.


as an adjective, 'hot' describes something that has a high temperature. It can also refer to something that is spicy, popular, or intense.

The hot sun blazed down on us.

This curry is too hot for me.

That's the hot song everyone is listening to right now.


Though less common, 'hot' can be used as a verb, often in slang contexts, meaning to steal or make something hot (as in stolen goods).

He hotted the car from the parking lot.


as an adverb, 'hot' describes the manner in which an action is performed with intensity or immediacy.

He's pursuing the lead hot on the trail.

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