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an adverb is a word that modifies or describes a verb, adjective, or other adverb. In the case of 'however,' it is used to express a contrasting idea or to indicate that a prior statement is incorrect or unsatisfactory. For instance, 'I like ice cream; however, I don’t like sherbet.' In this example, the adverb 'however' is used to contrast the ideas of liking ice cream and not liking sherbet. When used as an adverb, 'however' is typically paired with a coordinating conjugation and placed in the middle of a clause. It is often preceded by a semicolon when placed in the middle of the clause.

1. I wanted to stay home; however, my friends said I should go with them.

2. I was very tired; however, I decided to stay up a few hours longer.

3. She wanted to suggest something different; however, she didn't feel comfortable doing so.

A common mistake people make when using 'however' as an adverb is forgetting to pair it with a coordinating conjunction; for instance, 'I enjoy running; however, I don’t like jogging.'


a conjunction is a word used to connect two phrases or clauses. In the case of 'however,' it can be used as a coordinating conjunction to join two independent clauses. It is typically preceded by a comma when used in this way. For instance, 'I like pizza, however I don’t like steak.' In this example, the conjunction 'however' is being used to join two independent clauses, with the first expressing the idea of liking pizza and the second expressing the idea of not liking steak.

1. He wanted to go out, however his friends wanted to stay in.

2. She was running late, however she still managed to arrive on time.

3. He wanted to try something else, however he felt it was too risky.

When used as a conjunction, 'however' should be paired with a comma; however, it is also often paired with a semicolon for greater emphasis.

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