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'human' is a noun that refers to a person, usually to a person of the species Homo sapiens. Nouns can appear as a singular or a plural (humans). They can also appear as either a concrete noun, which refers to a person or a physical thing that is visible or tangible, or an abstract noun, which refers to a concept, feeling, idea, or quality that can only be understood in the mind's eye.

1. The human heart is capable of great feats.

2. The humans in this city never seem to rest.

3. Everyone should strive to be the best version of their human self.

humans is typically used to refer to a group of people, however in some usage is can refer to a person of unspecified gender. When referring to people in a specific way, it can be helpful to use gender-specific terms such as woman and man. Additionally, it is important to not infantilize humans by using terms like 'mankind' or 'manpower' in order to create more inclusive language.


as an adjective, 'human' is used to describe something that relates to or is associated with human beings and the characteristics they have.

She expressed her human emotions of happiness and sadness.

Exercise is a human necessity.

The human body is an incredible machine.

'human' is often used as an adjective to describe something that is conducted or carried out by humans (e.g., 'human activities,' 'human made,' etc.).

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