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humor is a noun used to refer to the ability to find amusement and enjoyment in particular situations and to express such feelings of amusement in either words or behavior. It is often seen as an attractive quality in people, as a sense of humor is usually seen as a sign of good social intelligence.

Rules and use cases associated with the noun 'humor' include that it must always be used in the singular form.

1. She derived a great sense of humor from her father.

2. His wit and humor made the party enjoyable for everyone.

3. His signature style of dry humor was appreciated by his friends.

when used as a noun, often 'humour' is seen as the more correct British spelling, while 'humor' is the American spelling. Additionally, when it comes to writing about someone’s humorous style of speaking or writing, phrases such as 'witticism' and 'banter' may be more appropriate.


as a verb, 'humor' means to comply with someone's wishes or whims, even if one thinks they are unimportant or wrong, often to keep someone happy or to avoid conflict.

'Humor' as a verb is often used in the context of indulging or tolerating someone's behavior or requests. It's typically followed by an object, often a person.

I decided to humor him and listened to his long, rambling story.

Can you humor me and try this dish? I made it especially for you.

She humored her younger brother by playing along with his imaginary games.

the verb 'humor' has a somewhat indulgent or patronizing tone, suggesting that one is going along with something not because they believe it's right or important, but to appease someone else. It's different from the noun 'humor' which refers to the quality of being amusing or the ability to express or perceive what's funny. A common mistake is confusing the verb 'humor' with 'amuse.' While both can relate to something funny, to 'humor' someone often means to indulge them, while to 'amuse' someone means to entertain them.

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