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the noun form of hurt denotes an injury, usually physical, or emotional pain. It can be either the action of causing harm or the pain associated with the harm itself. For example, hurt can refer to a person being physically or emotionally injured, such as when somebody has a cut or is feeling brokenhearted.

rules and use cases associated with hurt as a noun involve describing the consequences of an action, mental state, or physical condition.

1. The child was in quite a bit of hurt after falling out of the tree.

2. The hurt that followed the loss of his family was immense.

3. His boss' words were a powerful hurt to his pride.

hurt is often used as a noun in formal and informal contexts to refer to something that causes emotional or physical pain or harm.


the verb form of hurt refers to the action of causing physical or emotional pain or distress. It is often used to express that someone has been harmed in some way. For example, somebody could be emotionally hurt by another person's hurtful words, or they could be physically hurt by an accident.

rules and use cases associated with hurt as a verb involve inflicting pain or distress on somebody.

1. He hurt his back when he fell from the ladder.

2. His last words hurt her more than anything else.

3. She felt like her best friend had hurt her trust.

in its verb form, hurt can be used transitively in order to express pain caused by an action or event (it cannot be used transitively in its noun form). Furthermore, it is important to note that it can always be used with the reflexive pronoun ‘himself’ - for example

'he hurt himself'.

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