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huzzah is a noun used to express exclamations of joy, praise, or triumph, usually used in an excited or enthusiastic manner. The term is an old salutation, derived from the Middle English phrase 'huzza,' which (like its Latin root, 'hosanna') is an exclamation used to express joy and adoration, perhaps most famously at the start of the coronation of King George II of Britain in 1727. Huzzah can also be used as an expression of approval or encouragement.

huzzah is an informal, somewhat archaic term used to express enthusiastic praise, excitement, joy, or triumph. It is rare in everyday speaking but still heard in contexts such as speeches, plays, and other theatrical productions.

1. Huzzah! We've finally completed the project!

2. 'Huzzah for the king!' shouted the townspeople.

3. After a hard-fought battle, the soldiers raised their arms and cried out, 'Huzzah!'

Huzzah can be used either as a standalone exclamation or as part of a larger phrase, as in the second example. Additionally, when huzzah is used as an exclamation of joy or approval, it can be useful to emphasize the 'huzz' part of the word with an emphasis on the syllables.

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