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the noun form of the letter 'I' is used to refer to oneself as an individual. It can be used as an object pronoun in the third person singular, indicating that something is done by or directed to a particular individual.

the form of 'I' can be used to indicate a subject or object in a sentence. In each case, it indicates one specific individual. This pronoun is also commonly used to refer to oneself in the first person singular.

1. I ran out of the house in a hurry.

2. She sent the email to, so I have to read it.

when using 'I' as a third-person object pronoun, it is important to remember to use the full, unaltered form of the pronoun (i.e. 'I' instead of 'me'). Additionally, it is important to remember that 'I' does not take on any other forms for the possessive case (e.g. 'my'). It should remain in its basic form


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