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identity is a state or fact of knowing and understanding who or what a person or thing is. Its role in the English language is to describe the characteristics that make something or someone unique. When used as a noun, identity must relate to a specific, tangible thing (for example, a name, a face, or a concept).

it is always preceded by a definite or indefinite article (e.g., 'It was his identity that was questioned' or 'The identity of the killer remains unknown'). When referring to a person, identity often refers to the entirety of what makes up that person, including such aspects as their appearance, nationality, beliefs, emotions, experiences, and state of mind (e.g., 'His identity as an elderly Native American is reflected in his artwork').

1. She had never revealed her true identity to the public.

2. His identity crisis kept him from finding the right job.

3. She had forged a new identity after fleeing town.

when referring to a person's identity, be careful not to equate identity with a single trait (e.g., 'Her identity as a strong woman' instead of 'Her identity as a woman').

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