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integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. It is used when referring to one's actions as true and honest following moral principles, adhering strictly to the code of conduct or laws of society, as well as acting consistently in accordance with one's beliefs.

rules and use cases for integrity as a noun include considering it to be an unwavering moral code, or a resilience of being non-corruptible and honest in one's behavior.

1. John displayed exemplary integrity by never once taking advantage of his position of power.

2. His integrity and commitment to helping others won him admiration and respect from many in the community.

3. Mary was held in high regard for her integrity, hard work, and dedication.

when referring to someone's integrity, always use it in a positive manner. Integrity is often associated with honesty, honor, loyalty, and trustworthiness. Avoid using integrity in a context that implies a lack of these qualities.

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