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the word 'intelligent' is an adjective that describes someone as having quick reasoning, mental acuity, or keen understanding. It typically carries the connotation of being reasonably wise or astute, with the ability to recognize what is most suitable. It can be used to express a person’s smartness, knowledge, or perceptiveness.

the word 'intelligent' is typically used before a noun. It is often used in comparison – 'more intelligent', 'less intelligent' – to specify a comparative degree of mental acuity.

1. 'She is an intelligent woman.'

2. 'The squirrel was surprisingly intelligent.'

3. 'He was intelligent enough to recognize the complexity of the issue.'

the word 'intelligent' should generally not be used to describe an inanimate object. Additionally, when used to describe a person, it should be done in a respectful manner to avoid implying superiority or passivity alike.

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