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a verb phrase, which functions as the predicate in a sentence. It combines the helping verb 'is' with the present participle 'going' to indicate an action or state in progress.

is going' is in the present continuous tense, indicating an action that is happening right now or around the present time. The phrase 'is going' can be contracted to 'she's going' or 'he's going' in informal language.

1. She is going to visit her grandmother this weekend.

2. The team is going to celebrate their victory with a party.

3. Our friends are going to watch a movie together on Friday night.

It is important to ensure that the helping verb 'is' agrees with the subject of the sentence. For singular subjects, use 'is,' and for plural subjects, use 'are.' Ensure that the infinitive 'to' is included after 'going' when expressing a destination or purpose. For example, 'She is going the store' is incorrect; it should be 'She is going to the store.'

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