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'Jumped' is past form of the verb 'jump' andcould refer to the act of jumping, or more figuratively, a sudden increase or progress in an activity.

Generally, 'jumped' is used when describing a specific incident or occurrence, such as 'He jumped in the air with surprise' or 'The company's profits jumped this quarter.' It cannot be used directly to modify a noun, e.g. '*He was a jumped basketball player.'

1. She jumped off the diving board.

2. His heart jumped when he saw a bear in the clearing.

3. Their stock price jumped after the announcement.

Generally, 'jumped' is used in the past tense form, as jumping is an action that is already complete. People often mistakenly use 'jumped' as an adjective to describe an event or someone engaged in performing the action of jumping, e.g. 'I saw a jumped performance.' This is incorrect as 'jump' does not modify a noun; it is a verb.

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