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Kindness is a tactile form of love and goodwill. It generally consists of behavior focused on benefiting another individual or group. It is an act of being generous, compassionate, and considerate. Kindness can be expressed in words, with gestures, and through service.

rules associated with the word kindness when used as a noun includes the kindness should not be used as a verb or an adjective.

'The school showed kindness towards the homeless man in their community.'

'She took time out of her day to perform a small act of kindness.'

'His tendency to go out of his way to show kindness to strangers impressed many people.'

When using kindness as a noun, it should be spelled with a lowercase letter—unless it's appearing at the beginning of a sentence. Additionally, if this word is describing something or someone, it must be used in the form of an adjective by adding the suffix '-ness,' which in this case would be 'kindness.'

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