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the verb 'know' serves as a transitive verb, meaning that it is an action word that acts on an object. It usually means to be aware of or familiar with facts, nature, or characteristics of an object. The definition of know can also be subjective, as it has a range of meanings, from understanding a concept to having intimate knowledge of a person or thing.

The past tense of the verb 'know' is 'knew,' its past participle is 'known.' When used as a transitive verb, 'know' must be followed by a noun or pronoun.

1. I know her very well.

2. I know how to play the violin.

3. He knows where the secret hideout is.

1. 'Know' should not be confused with 'no' as the two words have different meanings and are pronounced differently.

2. When used as a verb, 'know' must always have a direct object to indicate what is being known. It cannot be used without an object.

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