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a large object can be described as being big or above average in size. Common phrases used to describe large objects include 'enormous,' 'huge,' and 'massive.'

rules and use cases associated with 'large' as an adjective include not employing 'very' before it and capitalizing words such as 'Large' when referring to an organization or company.

1. I was shocked to see that the dog was so large.

2. The large hotel chain had millions of customers worldwide.

3. The large balloon was full of helium and bobbed in the wind.


as an adverb, 'large' is used to describe doing something on a grand scale or to a great extent. It can also refer to doing something openly or without concealment.

He lived large, always indulging in the finest luxuries.

Pirates once roamed these waters large.

The fugitive is still at large.

the phrase 'at large' means that someone or something is free, not confined, or not yet captured. For instance, when a criminal is 'at large,' it means they haven't been caught yet. 'Living large' is an idiomatic expression meaning living extravagantly or grandly. It's essential to differentiate between the adjectival and adverbial uses of 'large.' For example, 'a large house' (adjective) vs. 'living large' (adverb).

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