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As an adjective, 'last' describes the final item in a series or the most recent item or event.

I'll take the last piece of cake.

The last time I visited Paris was in 2015.

She was the last person to arrive at the party.

Don't confuse 'last' (meaning final or most recent) with 'previous' which specifically means the one before the current one.


As a verb, 'last' means to continue in time or to endure. It describes the duration of an event, action, or condition.

The concert lasted for three hours.

How long do you think the meeting will last?

The battery lasted longer than I expected.

When used as a verb, 'last' often requires a time frame or duration to provide context.


As an adverb, 'last' describes the order of something, often indicating it comes after all others.

She arrived last.

Of all the runners, he finished last.

I saw him last in New York.

When used as an adverb, 'last' often doesn't need another word to modify; it can stand alone to describe order.

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