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A light is an object that is used to provide illumination, often giving off natural or artificial light. Light can be used to improve visibility and create the appearance of day or night. Examples of light include fire, electricity, sunrays, stars, and candles.

to use light as a noun include capitalizing it when it is part of the proper name of a light source (e.g. Northern Lights), and when speaking of God’s Word or knowledge, 'The Light.' Commonly, light is used as a countable noun, meaning it can be describing a single instance of light (e.g. the light of the sun), or multiple instances of light (e.g. the lights of the stars); however, it can also be used as a mass noun (e.g. the light of dawn).

1. I experienced the light of the stars twinkling in the night sky.

2. We were surrounded by the soft light of the candles.

3. He is the light and hope for the entire nation.

It is important to note that apples, lemons, and other objects that give off light (i.e. glow) often have their own specific names, such as apple or lemon light, instead of simply being referred to as light. Also, when speaking of the brightness of a light, use the phrase 'light intensity' rather than just 'light.'


light is used as an adjective to describe something that has a low weight, is not very strong, or has a pale color.

It is often used in contrast to heavy, dark, or strong.

1. He was wearing a light blue shirt.

2. She needed to carry only a few light items.

3. The air has a light and fresh aroma.

When using light as an adjective, it is important to note that it is not necessarily used to describe something that has a low level of intensity or brightness, but rather something with a low weight, strength, or color. Additionally, light should never be used to describe something that has an absolute level of heaviness, darkness, or strength (e.g. extremely light).


as a verb, 'light' primarily refers to the act of making something start burning, such as igniting a flame. It can also mean to illuminate or provide light to a space or area.

'Light' can be used to describe the act of starting a fire or making something burn. It can also refer to the act of illuminating an area using a source of light.

She used a match to light the candles.

Can you light the fireplace? It's getting cold.

The lanterns light the path at night.

'Light' in the context of igniting often implies a deliberate action, while in the context of illuminating, it can be both deliberate (turning on a light) or natural (sunlight lighting a room). Be cautious with the past tense. The past tense of 'light' can be both 'lit' and 'lighted', but 'lit' is more common for the act of igniting, while 'lighted' is often used in the context of illumination. For example

'He lit the candle' vs. 'The hallway was lighted by lanterns.'

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