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as an adjective, 'live' is used to describe something that is happening in real-time or to describe organisms that are alive. It can refer to events, broadcasts, or living things.

We're watching the live coverage of the election.

The band gave a live performance last night.

They sell live bait at that store.

When describing real-time events, 'live' is often placed before the noun it modifies (e.g., live broadcast, live show). The pronunciation changes depending on the context. When referring to real-time events, it's pronounced like 'lyve.' When referring to living organisms, it's pronounced like 'liv.'


Live is most often used as a verb, when it is defined as 'to have life; be alive' or 'to remain alive'. It is most commonly used in the context of the simple present tense.

It is common to use live in reporting of events, such as in the sentence 'we are live from the scene' or 'the fire is still burning live'. When used as a command, live usually means 'enjoy life' or 'experience life', as in 'live your life to the fullest'.

He lives in Paris.

I am living in London for 6 months.

Let’s live for the moment!

Remember to use the third person singular form ‘lives’ when using the verb live in present tense, as in 'he lives in Paris' and not 'he live in Paris'.


as an adverb, 'live' modifies a verb to indicate that the action is happening in real-time or is being broadcast as it happens.

The game is being broadcast live.

We are going live in five minutes.

The concert was streamed live on the internet.

When used as an adverb, 'live' usually follows the verb it modifies or the entire clause. Be cautious with the placement of 'live' in the sentence to ensure it's clear that you're using it as an adverb, not as a verb (e.g., 'We live in New York' vs. 'We are broadcasting live').

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