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'lives' is the plural form of the noun 'life.' It refers to the existence of multiple individuals or entities.

use 'lives' when referring to the existence or experiences of more than one entity. It can be used in various contexts, from biological existence to the experiences or durations of existence.

Many lives were lost in the disaster.

The accident changed their lives forever.

The author delves into the lives of historical figures in her book.

'lives' as a noun is pronounced differently from 'lives' as a verb. The noun has a short 'i' sound (like 'gives'), while the verb has a long 'i' sound (like 'dives'). Don't confuse 'lives' (plural noun) with 'live' (singular verb or adjective) or 'lived' (past tense verb).


'lives' is the third-person singular present form of the verb 'live.' It denotes existence, residence, or the act of leading a particular kind of life.

use 'lives' with third-person singular subjects (he, she, it, or singular nouns). It can refer to both the act of existing and the act of residing somewhere.

She lives in New York.

The cat lives with my neighbor.

He lives a life of luxury.

don't confuse 'lives' (verb) with 'life's' (possessive form of 'life') or 'lives' (plural noun). Remember to match the verb with the subject in terms of number (singular vs. plural).

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