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a living is a means of support, such as a salary, a stipend or income from investments. As a noun, it is often used to refer to one’s means of earning a living or one’s current situation.

1. I have been struggling to make a living ever since I lost my job.

2. After years of hard work, she finally had enough money saved to enjoy a comfortable living.

3. He had a meager living selling fruit at the local market.

When referring to one’s means of financial support or to one’s current situation, it is important to note that living has no plural form. For instance, 'livings' is incorrect.


Living is also an adjective used to refer to something that is alive or still functioning. It is often used to refer to something that is still in use after many years, such as furniture or artworks.

1. She had a living room full of antique furniture.

2. The painting had been in the family for generations and was a living reminder of their heritage.

3. I’ve seen some incredible living fossils in the natural history museum.

When used in the phrase 'Living History', it is important to note that 'Living' in this case should be capitalized.

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