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as a noun, 'local' refers to a person or thing that is from a specific area or neighborhood. It can also refer to a local establishment, especially a pub in British English.

used to refer to residents of a specific area. In British English, it can refer to a neighborhood pub.

As a local, she knew all the hidden gems in the town.

He's not from around here; he's not a local.

After work, they often gather at the local for a pint.

when referring to a pub as 'the local,' it's a colloquial usage primarily found in British English. 'Local' as a noun can sometimes be used in a slightly derogatory manner when differentiating between those who belong to a certain place and outsiders, e.g., 'The locals don't take kindly to strangers.'


as an adjective, 'local' describes a noun in terms of its belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood, often in contrast to national or international areas.

used to describe something that pertains to a specific area, region, or community. Can refer to products, businesses, news, or other entities that are specific to a certain location.

The local newspaper featured a story about the town's annual fair.

We prefer to buy local produce because it's fresher.

The local authorities are investigating the incident.

'local' is often used in a positive context to promote community-based products or businesses, especially in phrases like 'support local businesses.' Don't confuse 'local' with 'locally.' 'Locally' is the adverbial form and describes the manner in which something is done, e.g., 'The vegetables are grown locally.'

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