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the noun form of the word 'look' refers to a visual examination or appraisal. It can also be used to refer to the physical expression of a person’s appearance. It might be both countable and uncountable. It is used used in the uncountable form and means a particular kind of appearance or feeling.

When used as a countable noun, this word is usually used in the possessive form (looks) to refer to a visual appraisal or expression. One notable use case of the noun form of 'look' is in informal speech, where it may be employed to describe someone’s appearance.

1. She gave him a critical look as she walked away.

2. His look was full of determination and grit.

3. She has an interesting look about her.

When using 'look' as a noun, it’s important to note that it is very often used in reference to physical features or expressions. As such, it should be avoided in more formal dialogue or contexts. Also, when counting the number of 'looks', it’s important to be aware that it can be used to refer to both singular and plural appearances, so it’s important to be clear with the context when using this word.


the verb form of the word 'look' means to use sight in order to gain knowledge or understanding. It can also mean to search for or examine something.

This verb is usually used in the present tense, though it can be used in a variety of tenses, such as the future, present perfect, and past tense. It is also used in the continuous form (i.e. looking).

1. He looked around the room anxiously.

2. Look at me!

when 'look' is used as a verb, it is important to note that it can also be used with adverbs. Examples include 'look around' or 'look up'. It’s also important to note that the verb form of the word requires an object, usually after the verb, but sometimes before. Examples include 'look at the file' or 'look the file up'.

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