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Love is a noun that refers to intense feelings of affection.

It is often used to describe feelings between partners, family, friends and pets. For example, one might express 'love' for their spouse, their children, or their dog. The noun 'love' is an abstract concept that does not exist concretely outside of people's idea of it.

1. I love my partner with all my heart.

2. Our parents showed us a great deal of love over the years.

3. It is impossible to live without love.

The meaning of 'love' can vary depending on context. The phrase 'I love you' can range from casual affection to deep emotional connection.


Love is a verb that is used to describe an action or feeling.

It is often used when referring to the act of loving someone or something. For example, one might say that they 'love' their partner or their pet. As a verb, 'love' is an action rather than a feeling, though it is often associated with strong feelings of affection.

1. I love my partner with all my heart.

2. My parents loved me even through my difficult teenage years.

3. She loves him unconditionally.

The verb form of 'love' should always be used in the present tense. For instance, when expressing your love for someone, you should say 'I love you', not 'I loved you'.

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