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a noun is a word used to name a person, place, thing, or idea. In the case of 'man,' it is typically used to name a specific individual male person. It can also be used to refer to a certain type of action or behavior that would be commonplace among men (e.g. 'A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do').

The word 'man' can be used both as a singular and plural noun. When used in the singular form, it is typically used to refer to a single male person, while in the plural form, it can refer to all male persons (e.g. 'All men must die'). It can also be used in a generic sense (e.g. 'Man is flawed').

1. 'He was the man of the hour.'

2. 'The men of the village gathered together for a meeting.'

3. 'Man has toiled since the dawn of time for a better life.'

It is important to note that 'man' is not gender-neutral and should only be used in a non-discriminatory manner. In particular, the generic usage of 'man' to refer to all individuals, regardless of gender, should be avoided. Additionally, it is best to use 'people' or 'humanity' instead of 'man' when making a collective statement that applies to all individuals.


as a verb, 'man' means to provide and operate with a staff or crew. It can refer to the act of staffing a place, vehicle, or machine with people who can operate or manage it.

When 'man' is used as a verb, it typically indicates the action of supplying with personnel or taking one's position in preparation for a task.

They need to man the ship before it sets sail.

The organization will man the booths at the fair.

During emergencies, volunteers man the helplines to assist those in need.

The verb 'man' can be seen as gender-specific and might be considered outdated or inappropriate in contexts where gender-neutral language is preferred. Alternatives like 'staff' or 'crew' can be used. 'Man' as a verb is often used in military, nautical, or event contexts. It's essential to differentiate between the noun and verb forms. For instance, 'He is a man' (noun) vs. 'They man the station' (verb).

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