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as a noun, 'meet' refers to an organized event, such as a sports competition, where people come together to compete.

She participated in the track and field meet last weekend.

The swim meet was postponed due to bad weather.

Our school is hosting a meet for all regional chess players.

'meet' as a noun is commonly used in the context of sports, but it can also be used in other contexts where people gather for a specific purpose.

Don't confuse 'meet' (noun) with 'meeting' which often refers to a gathering for discussion or decision-making.


as a verb, 'meet' primarily refers to the action of coming into the presence or company of someone by chance or arrangement. It can also mean to fulfill or satisfy a need, requirement, or condition.

I will meet you at the coffee shop at 3 pm.

We met by chance at the bookstore.

The new product meets all the safety standards.

'meet' is often confused with 'met,' which is its past tense. For example, 'I met him yesterday.' 'Meet up' is an informal phrasal verb that means to come together with someone, typically in a casual context.

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