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the noun form of 'mine' is used to refer to a mineral resource that has been extracted from the ground. It can also refer to a hole or tunnel excavated in the ground for the purpose of extracting minerals.

'Mine' can refer to a place where minerals are extracted. It can also refer to a device placed on or in the ground or water and detonated upon contact.

1. 'This diamond mine is one of the most profitable in the country.'

2. 'The gold mine in the valley has been running for centuries.'

The context usually makes it clear whether 'mine' refers to an excavation or an explosive device. Don't confuse 'mine' with 'miner,' the latter refers to a person who works in a mine.


Though not commonly categorized as an adjective, 'mine' can function like one when indicating possession.

Mine eyes have seen the glory.

Mine enemy is at the gate.

This usage is generally considered archaic and is rarely used in modern English, except for poetic or literary purposes.


as a pronoun, 'mine' is used to indicate possession, serving as a possessive pronoun.

This book is mine.

The choice is mine to make.

The last slice of pizza is mine.

'Mine' as a pronoun can stand alone and does not need to be accompanied by the noun it replaces.


as a verb, 'mine' refers to the action of extracting minerals from the earth. It can also refer to placing mines (explosive devices) in a location.

The area was heavily mined during the war.

The company plans to mine the asteroid for rare metals.

The context usually clarifies whether 'mine' refers to mineral extraction or placing explosives. Don't confuse the verb 'mine' with 'mind,' which has a completely different meaning.

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