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as an adjective, 'missing' describes something or someone that cannot be found because it or they are not in their expected place. It can also refer to something that is absent or lacking.

describing someone or something that is lost or cannot be found. Indicating the absence of a part or component that is typically present. Referring to a lack or deficiency in a particular context.

The missing child was found safe and sound after a few hours.

There are a few missing pieces in this jigsaw puzzle.

Her story has a missing element of truth.

when something is described as 'missing,' it implies that it was once present or expected to be present but is now absent. 'Missing' can also be used in various idiomatic expressions, like 'go missing' or 'missing in action.'


'Missing' is the present participle of the verb 'miss.' As a verb, it denotes the action of failing to hit, reach, catch, meet, or perceive.

used to describe failing to hit or reach a target; being absent from a place, especially when expected; failing to notice, understand, or experience.

She is missing the target during her archery practice.

He's been missing his morning classes lately.

I think you're missing the point of the argument.

when used as a verb, 'missing' often requires an object to specify what is being missed. 'Missing out' is a phrasal verb that means failing to take advantage of an opportunity.

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