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my functions as an adjective to denote possession or origin. So it's also called a possessive adjective. This is usually done when referring to a person. For example, 'my car' denotes that the car in question belongs to the speaker. It can also be used when referring to the origin of something, such as 'my hometown.'

As an adjective, my should always be used to denote possessorship or origin when referring to a person, place, or thing.

1. Can you bring my phone to class?

2. I miss my family back home.

3. I'm so proud to call ______ my city.

When using my as an adjective, make sure to place it directly before the noun it modifies.


my can also be used as an interjection to emphasize or reinforce a particular emotion, reaction, or feeling. For example, 'my goodness!' is used to express surprise or shock.

As an interjection, my should always follow the emotion or noun it modifies.

1. Wow, my gosh, what a lovely day it is!

2. Oh my, I'm so embarrassed!

3. My goodness, that's a lot of work!

When using my as an interjection, make sure to place it directly after the emotion or noun it modifies. Additionally, my should not be used as an interjection to modify anything negative or inappropriate as this behavior is seen as rude and inappropriate.

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