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myself is a reflexive pronoun, which is a pronoun that refers back to the subject of a clause in order to emphasize that the subject itself is performing the action in its own clause.

its role in the sentence is to emphasize the subject 'I' by indicating that no one else was involved in the action, just the subject itself. Furthermore, the usage rules dictate that the reflexive pronoun should always be used with a reflexive verb, meaning the subject in the clause is performing the action on itself, whether that action is physical or abstract. In addition, the reflexive pronoun myself can also be used as an emphatic device at the end of the sentences.

1. I brought myself a present to celebrate my success.

2. He took himself out for a nice dinner.

3. She applied herself diligently to her studies.

4. He pampered himself with a relaxing afternoon.

5. I made myself a cup of coffee.

Common mistakes associated with the usage of the reflexive pronoun myself include accidentally putting myself at the beginning of the sentence instead of the end.

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