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a nation is a large distinct population united under a sovereign state or autonomous political unit. It is a people group identified by their culture, language, and nationality. A nation may also refer to the land, territory, or area associated with that group, such as a geographic region.

countries may use 'nation' as a synonym for country when referring to a government or state-controlled jurisdiction or region. It can also be used as a synonym for people who share some social, cultural, or other distinctive characteristics. 'Nation' can also be used to refer to a community based on a common heritage or shared history, such as a people of Jewish, Irish, or African-American descent or a people who have emigrated from another country.

1. The nation of Japan has one of the oldest cultures in the world.

2. The United Nations is an international community of nations.

3. After centuries of struggle, the people of that nation have finally achieved independence.

When talking about a group of people, 'nation' tends to refer to a larger population than 'ethnicity' or 'race'. 'Nation' is often used to describe a group of people living within a given territory. 'Nation' should not be used interchangeably with 'ethnicity' or 'race', unless the population is large enough to warrant the use of the term.

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